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    Coaching for thriving leaders

    Our approach to coaching is grounded in understanding the mind sets and assumptions that underlie executive, leader and manager effectiveness. If we understand how our minds work and how our assumptions and emotions effect our actions, then we can see how we need to change to thrive as leaders. Using EI, self-awareness, the Inside Out Paradigm© and the Multipliers® leadership approach, these leaders discover their “why”, how to thrive and the multiplying impact they can have on others to achieve their purpose and business goals.

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    Leadership Experiences

    Multipliers®- what if you could double your teams intelligence?

    We’ve all had experience with two dramatically different types of leaders: The first drains intelligence, energy, and capability from the people around them, we call these leaders Diminishers. The other gets light bulbs to go off over people’s heads; ideas flow and problems get solved, we call these leaders Multipliers. Using the unique and high impact Multipliers® approach leaders learn how to multiply the intelligence of their teams, so they thrive and deliver results that surpass expectations. See here for more information on Multipliers and check out the Multipliers Key Note video in our blog.

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    leadership coaching multipliers culture

    Judith Jamieson

    Executive Coach and Facilitator

    I am an international human resources executive with multinational, multi function and multi sector experience. Having worked both as a leader and consultant I have been fortunate to be able to work with a wide range of amazing people from different countries, industries and functions. I bring a combination of commercialism and insight on how to get people, teams and the organisation working together at their best.


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  • Recommendations


    Judith is one of those rare people you find that make things happen and also is great to work with. Often I seek Judith out for advice as no matter the situation I always feel smarter after a conversation with her. She an excellent leader and people manager that makes people want to do their best. She always leaves you feeling you can achieve more and solve the problems in front of you. Judiths coaching on people management is a master class in best practice. It is always great to have Judith in a project with you as you know not only it will be done well and but you will have fun in the process.

    - Paul Newman - Marketing Director, New Zealand


    Judith's leadership clearly demonstrates coaching, inclusion, transparency & especially, it has heart in it. She is the kind of leader who would never have to explicitly ask people to trust her, her work has yielded trust automatically. My favourite trait will however be her thinking ability (Execution is a very close second). It comes naturally to Judith to make the most practical, sensible and unbiased decision no matter what the circumstance. If you have a complex problem or a project that needs to get done, Judith is the best person to go to! Judith is a multiplier in&out and invests in people liberally.

    - Alin Sneha Abraham- HR Advisor, Singapore


    During my working life with Judith I have experienced an authentic leader who has a detailed & critical understanding of the business allowing her to lead a team that provides progressive and responsive HR solutions. I have been in awe, at times, watching Judith navigate an often complex organisation. At these times she developed strong working relationships across countries in a virtual working environment whilst delivering results that struck a fair & perceptive balance to meet competing business priorities.

    Claire Vincent - HR Director, UK


    I'm lucky enough to have a mentor and coach with a rare high quality like Judith. After her mentoring, It's lucky to be her peer, and it's a privilege for me not only having a peer but as well mentor and coach, again, something you'll hardly ever have. I love brainstorming with her on organization strategy, business model and operation model, down to discuss about organization development, capability and culture. That is another quality of her, she never hesitate to share her knowledge and supporting others to grow in the team. Judith will be the perfect person you can find if you want to develop your organization and to grow your people.

    Mia Marina - Strategy Director, Indonesia


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