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New Year Resolutions

Why being is more important than doing

New Year’s Resolutions: Why Being is More Important Than Doing

As we step into a new year, the tradition of making resolutions to enhance ourselves is a common temptation. We often pledge to exercise more, eat healthier, or acquire new skills. However, what if we were to approach the new year with a different perspective? What if our focus shifted from doing to being?

Typically, resolutions revolve around specific actions or goals such as losing weight, saving money, or learning a new skill. While these aspirations are undoubtedly valuable, the true essence of a resolution lies in the transformative power of our state of being. It's not merely about ticking off a checklist; rather, it involves intentionally creating ourselves from a place of being that holds our truest aspirations.

The concept of being versus doing is straightforward: instead of setting goals for what we want to do, we concentrate on who we want to be. This approach is more holistic and less stressful than traditional resolutions. Instead of constantly striving to achieve something, we can simply embrace and embody our true selves.

So, what does it mean to focus on being? It entails exploring who we truly are beyond our thoughts, habits, feelings, and sensations—finding alignment with our true self. Some discover this through meditation, while others find it in reflection. It is a place we visit from time to time, like when we are in the zone at work or surrounded by nature. Although we may only catch glimpses, this state of being is always there, waiting for us to connect with it. From this place, the possibilities for creating how we want to live our lives are endless, and the thoughts that hinder us begin to dissolve.

Ultimately, a resolution is an invitation to reconnect with ourselves. It involves self-reflection, understanding our true nature, and aligning our actions with our deepest desires. By choosing our being over a checklist of to-dos, we create space for authenticity and alignment in our lives. The beauty of focusing on being is that it’s not about achieving a specific outcome; rather, it’s about living in alignment with our truest self, values, and priorities. When we focus on being, we are more likely to feel fulfilled and content, even if we don’t achieve all our goals.

This year, instead of making resolutions that primarily focus on doing, try creating intentions from a state of being. Ask yourself and preferably write down: Who am I? What is possible for me to create? Then, craft “I am” statements that align with your true self; for instance, “I am kind,” “I am authentic,” “I am well-being.” From this vantage point, let the essence of your state of being guide you to transform your actions. You might be surprised at how much more fulfilling your life can be when you focus on your state of being instead of just doing.